Pre-Construction Barriers


When you are building a new home or commercial property, it is important to have pre-construction barriers performed to ensure termites do not infiltrate the new building. These can be done in a variety of ways, and Alliance Pest Control is trained in the best and most effective methods at preventing termite infestation and subsequent damage. We will help you protect your new construction for the long haul, and offer ongoing services that will keep your protected year after year.

Preventing termite damage is not something to take lightly when you live in Australia. It is estimated that well over half of all homes will have termites at some time or another, and up to 1/3 have them right now. What is even scarier is that many home and business owners have no idea that their properties are at risk until it’s too late to prevent the damage termites can cause.

We will use powerful anti-termite chemicals around potential entry points, keeping termites away while trapping any existing termites inside where they cannot escape to get water and other nourishment. This is one of the most effective means of preventing termites.

Call Alliance Pest Control for pre-construction barriers & ongoing termite prevention.

While pre-construction barriers are an ideal start, you should also have ongoing inspections to keep termites from getting into your home over the long haul. We can find even the most subtle signs of an infestation and will provide thorough eradication services to help you remove termites before they have a chance to cause any problems. Additionally, we can check for existing damage so it can be repaired.

Our team is trained and professional, and we can help you remove even the largest and most resistant populations from your property. We want your home protected from termite damage, and we guarantee our work, so you can feel good about having us perform your ongoing termite prevention program. Give us a call today, and we will answer any questions you may have, and work with you to ensure you get the most comprehensive termite prevention tactics available.
Installation of New Door Screen — Pre-construction barriers  in Yarrahapinni, NSW